Thursday, January 5, 2012

Letter to the Humming Belles and Beau from a Young Lad's Oma....

The Humming Belles & Beau recently received a wonderful letter and were so moved by what a young lad's Oma had to say that they asked that I share this letter with you.

"I am writing this letter to tell you that, with Stacy from Magic Love Crow, buying the boy paperdoll set, my Asperger's syndrome grandson has had the most fun I've seen him have this holiday vacation. He has worked really hard to color his clothes and has built Major, that's his (paper doll's) name, a closet and has him playing on his pirate ship alongside Jack Sparrow and Capt Barbosa.

This is such a lovely gifting from Stacy and your creation has been such a pleasure for us all. 

Thanks so much. 
Oma Linda"

Included was a coloring page the young lad had completed with great care and lots of love and they, The Humming Belles & Beau, could not resist posting his artistic endeavor's as well.  Job well done Ry!

The Humming Belles & Beau are very happy to be a part of this young 
lad's life and look forward to receiving more completed colorings 
from him and others to share with all of you.  
Wishing you a Happy Coloring Day!

Karen Anne Brady