Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Humming Belles" Starter Kits - a $15.80 value for only $9.98!

The "Humming Belles" have asked me to show you what you will be receiving in your "Humming Belles" starter kit (with your choice of doll) so here we go!

1. A hand cut laminated "Humming Belles" Doll with complimentary set of dragonfly style wings in the Humming Belles trademark color of golden rod yellow. 
Featured in this example is doll "F"....

2.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a regular girl at the beach, set #9.
 3.  One scene coloring page, "A Day At The Beach".
4.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a fairy, set #14.
5.  One coloring page with a set of fancy fairy wings, wings #1.
6.  One scene coloring page, "Fairy Garden Fairy Home".
7.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a mermaid, set #15.

 8.  One undersea coloring page, #1 with sunken fairy castle.

9.  One hand cut laminated paper doll mannequin with mannequin use instructions plus a blank sheet of paper for designing your first outfits.
10. One customized "Humming Belles" storage folder.
(cover only shown here)

The "Humming Belles" wish you the happiest of days!


Magic Love Crow said...

Karen Anne, that is a lot!! Great value, for such beautiful items!

IrelandBrady said...

Thank you for saying so Stacy! Each doll is laminated on both sides, braced, and carefully cut out; so are the wings. From start to finish, assembly of one doll takes around 45 minutes ... I may be a fool, but this is one idea (people finishing what I have started) I would really like to take flight. People I have given test trial samples to test them out, have REALLY liked them!