Monday, June 27, 2011

Welcome to the "Humming Belles" Blog .....

I created this blog to showcase my Paper Doll creations.  I fell in love with paper dolls way back when I was in grade school, somewhere in the 1950's.  I remember going through the Sears catalog bathing suit section, finding a good a photograph of a model that I could turn into a paper doll.  Once the right model had been found, I would take the page out of the book and glue it onto a sturdy piece of cardboard and I had created a paper doll!  The hard part was going through the catalog trying to find dresses that would semi match the model's pose! 

My Aunt Toni learned that I was making "Sears" paper dolls and brought me an old chocolate candy box.  Inside the candy box was a paper doll she had created when she was teenager, intent on becoming a fashion designer.  She had drawn her own doll and then designed the paper dresses, that she hoped to one day create, for the doll.  That was the day I discovered one could create their own paper doll and design their own paper dresses for the doll.  My quest then was to find empty chocolate candy boxes and fill them with my own, one of a kind newly created, paper dolls and outfits. 

Paper dolls encourage imagination, support the skills of drawing and creating, coloring and learning how to accurately use a pair of scissors.  Skills I have constantly used throughout my life.

This love for paper dolls has followed me throughout most of my life.  Around 2009 I made a paper doll and several pages of outfits to give to my twin granddaughters for their birthday.  Doing this sparked my quest to create a paper doll that could be enjoyed by anyone.  And so the journey began.

I wasn't happy with the dolls I had created, so early in 2010 I redesigned the doll and expanded by including dolls that could represent most nationalities of the world.  This would make the doll personal to any girl of any nationality or culture. 

But then, I wanted more, I wanted a paper doll that was beyond a standard paper doll, with scenes and props that would encourage imagination and creativity.  Dolls that would spur young artists (artists of any age) to expand upon what I had started.  And thus was born the "Humming Belles". 

I began with a simple doll, added wings to transform her into a fairy and went a step further and envisioned and created a way for her to magically transform into a mermaid!  My "Humming Belles" seem to have taken on a life of their own, new ideas for costumes, scenes and props are constantly filling my mind and giving me new ideas and great happiness.  My dream and ambition is that they will do this for those who come in contact with my "Humming Belles".  To activate those creative cells that lie below the surface in all of us.

In the next few weeks I will be sharing them with you and listing them in my newly formed Etsy Shop at

I have one more scene to create and then I will begin sharing my "Humming Belles" with all of you.

Karen Anne Brady aka Ireland Brady
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