Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New illustrations and fairy paper doll outfits fit for a Monarch (Butterfly)!

I recently finished a couple illustrations of a Monarch Butterfly for a special acquaintance and the "Humming Belles", of course, were on hand to lend their guidance, council and support.  When the drawings were completed the little darlings loved them so much they beseeched me to create an illustration, that could also be used as a coloring page, as well as Monarch Butterfly fairy wings and matching outfit for them to wear!

Well, looking into those sparkling little eyes and sweet smiles ... how could I deny them!  Now they have asked me to post them on the "Humming Belles" blog and share them with all of their friends.  So here we go .......

This first illustration  and coloring page are titled "Monach Butterfly Fairy II"

The second Illustration  and coloring page are titled "Monarch Butterfly Fairy III"

And finally we have the Monarch Butterfly Fairy Wings and Outfit  that are ready to be colored, cut out, and worn by the "Humming Belles"!
The little sweethearts just love these latest illustrations but they are especially delighted with their new set of fairy wings and matching outfit and tiara!

What you think of these latest additions?  
The "Humming Belles" would love to hear from you!

Take care and be happy!


Magic Love Crow said...

Well, personally, I love the latest additions! Beautiful! And, I think the Humming Belles will look so pretty in their new outfits!

IrelandBrady said...

Oh Stacy! I can always count on you for generous support! You are always there with loving encouragement ... Thank you ... you are a good friend ...